Lifestyle Blogger and Freelancer Megan Bales works to set others up for the most success and unlock freedom in their lives. She has a double Bachelors degree in Communications and Political Science, a background in Marketing and Customer Service, and a Social Media Certification. “Learning is a lifelong journey and I’m dedicated to constantly becoming a better version of myself!” Aside from helping others unlock the freedom in their health as well as careers, she spends her time helping companies grow. Check out her services below!

BLOGGING IS KIND OF MY THING...Full-time blogger and entrepreneur, I make adding value my livelihood. I utilize the opportunity to educate and connect with others to make their lives easier or more fulfilling every time. Writing articles to increase traffic and build your audience is the most time consuming part of your business. I can save you time by doing the research and creating SEO friendly articles to get more shares on social media, trust from your customers, and conversions.

CREATE COPY THAT SELLS. Good copywriting recognizes the reader's problems and inspires them to act towards your solution.

YOU HAVE SEVEN SECONDS TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION. The attention span of online visitors can be unforgiving if you don't assure your ideal client they are there for a reason. Web copy should focus on user experience before you even try to land new clients. Your first objective is creating copy that 1) clearly explains your product, services, and company 2) demonstrates social proof 3) And calls your client to act.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT. With billions of daily users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. developing an online presences is crucial. Growing a business is dependent on building a community of people. This happens by getting social! Save yourself the overwhelm of constantly trying to plan what to say, how to say it, and staying on time so your following doesn't ultimately suffer. I'll work with you on an ongoing basis to authentically grow your following on social media, increase engagement, and drive more traffic to your website. 

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