3 Things You Didn’t Know About Runway

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The next season of fashion predominately rests on Runway. Designers showcase collections featuring models and new content for collaborations amongst fashion magazine editors, influencers, and photographers. Celebrities attend shows also influencing a season of red carpet events. Trends for the next season eventually trickle down into e-commerce platforms and department stores going from the fashion elite to the everyday person. Although there is a considerable cost and effort to be involved in shows, an incentive for the designers is a certain sense of control and visibility for the future of the brand and direction of the next season (and seasons) of fashion. You may have already known some of this, but there are some behind the scenes facts you may not know. Here are 3 things you didn’t know about runway.

I’ve had two perspectives of runway:

1) The “Hands Off” fashion elite to

2) Minimal exposure with a certain level of intrigue and admiration.

3 Things You Didn't Know About Runway - The Illumine Blog

There are some incredible things about runway that are mesmerizing; it’s not just the designer clothes but also the fierce confidence it takes to model fashion with an individualized walk (and of course all of the behind the scenes work involved). There have certainly been times where I have had a negative perspective of runway largely evinced by the models’ serious demeanor, uncommon figure, and un-relatable snobbery revolving around the high class. Have you ever thought, “why can’t they just smile?” And while I am not at all naïve enough to spew the “can’t we all just get along” tirade, I definitely stand by the approach that it’s not all negative: there is more authenticity than we realize.

Likewise, one key characteristic of fashion overall is it’s not about “pretty.” It would be a large misinterpretation to think that style and fashion is for “pretty girls in pretty clothes.” Icons, trendsetters influencers are about what’s unique. Think of this ideas in terms of the music industry, producers are looking for unique artists that stand out and not just pretty singers. Because an enormous amount of influence is wielded it’s really about what’s individualized as well as what’s relatable.



  • You already know about Paris Fashion week and about New York Fashion week but did you know there are fashion weeks in other countries like Australia and Brazil? And more importantly, these fashion events generate millions for the city they’re hosted in. This advances the point that it’s not just about what’s “pretty” its actually bringing a community together and generating important profit for the surrounding city. That’s so cool!
  • Can you go to these events? If you are like me, you have wished of going to a fashion show sometime in your life. Well, it’s actually more of a possibility than you think. Often, there are local fashion shows where companies partner together and put them on for the community. Search “local fashion shows” or “fashion shows _____” filling in the blank for your city or state. You will be surprised what comes up. And there aren’t always strict fashion shows sometimes there are unique events. When I was in College, the university partnered with a local hair salon to put on a fashion show with students, hand out goodie bags with massive discounts, and then talk about women in business. It was one of the most enjoyable nights. And have you heard about Tim Tebow? He hosts annual prom-themed fashion shows for children and teens with disabilities so they can have their night to shine. Pretty cool, right?
  • If you’re thinking bigger, did you know you could actually go to the main fashion week shows? While I don’t know how much tickets are (since this season’s shows are over), you can purchase seats at both the Paris and New York fashion week. You can also follow along with speakers, brands, parties, and additional events either by going to the designated website to find the schedule or downloading an app. A few I’ve found to be fun and helpful are New York fashion week nyfw.com with designer content and schedules or fashionweekonline.com where you can become a member for $10/year to get special access and giveaways.

My point? Although runway often feels like it’s only for the high fashion elites, there is definitely an element about it that’s for the everyday person, especially the seasonal trends set on the catwalk.



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