Why Your Gut Is Killing You: How To Balance Gut Bacteria

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If your stomach is constantly bloated and hard there’s a high chance it has something to do with the food you are eating. What do you do when your stomach pain is the only thing you can count on? Fatigue and stomach pain after every meal is incredibly frustrating, especially when you are supposed to gain energy from your food! All of these symptoms can result because of an imbalance of bacteria in your stomach. Here are some tips on how to balance gut bacteria.

When there is something wrong with your stomach, it is difficult to know how to heal stomach pain or find greater energy. Through my research, I started off with the recommended probiotics, ginger & peppermint tea, and kombucha but nothing really worked. I cut back on eating out but noticed pain even when I ate something “healthy.” How was I supposed to go to work, stay motivated, and live my normal life when I feel sick all the time?

How To Balance Gut Bacteria; The Key To Better Health

Gut Bacteria

There are millions of bacteria in your stomach, but not all are considered “bad bacteria.” When that ratio of good and bad bacteria is unbalanced, the effects can be horrible. At first, you might be thinking how can bacteria be good? The simplest way to put it is that bacteria are microscopic organisms, which are functioning cells a part of our system. Bad bacteria attacks the body creating deficiencies while good bacteria improves immune function, utilize nutrients, and fights against illness or disease. There are growing studies discussing the correlation of your stomach with good health. The connection is astounding. While everything is connected from your spine in the structural sense, functionally, everything else is connected via your gut.

Of course, you have heard taking probiotics can help increase good bacteria, but many don’t reach areas deep in your digestive tract. The effectiveness also correlates with the number of bacteria strains. The probiotic I found has over 30 strains of bacteria, unlike the typical range of 13-15 strains in popular pills and yogurts, and goes much deeper through the system.

I was grateful to randomly wake up one night, check my phone, and stumble on a video at 3:00 a.m. addressing everything I was experiencing. It was for a product called Activated You. I was so intrigued I sat there through a 45-minute presentation. And while this is not at all an endorsement for the product, it and literature around the issue drastically changed things for the better.

Biggest Contributors To An Imbalance In Your Gut

Through my research I found the biggest contributors upsetting your stomach’s ratio of bacteria is sugar. Even products under the guise of “healthy” like yogurts and granola bars are packed with hidden sugars. Shortly after, I discovered Oikos yogurt with less than 8 grams of sugar–drastically different than most products on the shelf and this brand didn’t sacrifice flavor. This was a good alternative and created my breakfast routine: low sugar yogurt mixed with oatmeal, peanut butter powder, and even fruit. With the right brands, you can have truly healthy and filling breakfast.

Eliminating (often just reducing) sugar drastically changed my health. I have greater energy, less bloating and pain, less overall poor digestion, and I even slimmed down in my face. But cutting back is one of the hardest things for a sweet-tooth like me so I would suggest keeping track of how much sugar you are eating first. Recognizing where you are at can help guide where you are going. At that point, you can start instilling better substitutes and cutting back sweets from every meal to everyday and every day to once a week and so on.

Another secret gut killer is dairy. It’s also a culprit of increased inflammation in the body. You would be surprised what you find when you start asking questions about food. A great place to start is learning at least one new thing a week about the food you eat regularly.

Horror Stories

I’ve heard stories about digestive systems literally shutting down after too much fast food. I also watched a news segment of a woman misdiagnosed with MS because her daily soda was chemically reacting in her garage and causing stomach spasms! You only have 1 whole system. It’s vital to pay attention to what you are eating. But more importantly, be kind to your body.

Making The Commitment

Your body craves what you feed it. Once you commit to healthier choices, it gets easier after a while. You will have cravings throughout your journey, but the more healthy substitutes there are, the more your body embraces it wholeheartedly. And often the cravings mean your body is missing vital nutrients.

Eating healthier is a constant struggle but I am better today than I was yesterday. If you were interested in what I was talking about earlier find more information here at www.activatedyou.com

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