Finding Freedom

Real Life is...Overwhelming

It’s fumbling over your words and spilling your drink on yourself. It’s passion and failure. It’s wonderful and horrible all at once. We’re desperate for something greater than all of this.

This means, freedom isn’t just something that we hope for, it’s a necessity.

I want to help others find freedom to accomplish what they never thought possible. This isn’t just “authenticity” that looks a lot like strategy in sheep’s clothes but pure, unbridled vulnerability as we constantly develop into better versions of ourselves.


There is Freedom In Entrepreneurship, and it might not be what you think...


We’re not just talking about those seeking 300k for a 10% stake in their business, but simply put: those actively solving real problems. I never wanted to be a business owner or anything close, but as I got older I didn’t like other people determining my financial worth based on their bottom line or give my blood, sweat and creative energy for companies that would drop me in one afternoon with no warning. I wanted to do something truly fulfilling that was going to make a difference. In this section of the blog we’re going to cover:

  • Branding & Strategy To Streamline Your Business + Content Creation
  • Maximizing Reach and Grow Your Audience Across Any Platform
  • Gaining The Self Confidence To Problem Solve + Persevere When The Finish Line Seems Unreachable


Passionate about inspiring growth, Megan works to empower others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives and prosper in the pursuit of their passions. Read More

There Is Freedom In Health | Fight For Your Life


What Would "Thriving" Look Like For You?

I've been sick more times than I've done any other thing. And it seems like illnesses are only on the rise. It's time to practice what we preach, fuel our bodies (and the environment) right, and stop promoting products that cause illness. Artificial dyes and fillers, toxic chemicals in beauty products like formaldehyde and aluminum, sugar addictions that make cocaine look tame. And that doesn't begin to cover half of it.

In this section of the blog we'll discuss:

  • Natural, Non Toxic Products That Don't Affect Our Daily Routines
  • Innovative Ways To Be Environmentally Conscious
  • Stress Management And Lowering Inflammation
  • Getting Proper Nutrition & Meal Planning
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