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How To Be Productive In Seasons Of Waiting

Timing Is Everything; How To Be Productive In Seasons Of Waiting.  If you’re in a season of waiting, feeling stuck, lacking motivation I have some encouragement for you right now. Helpless is just about one of the worst feelings there is, I’m convinced. Above just thinking about what life could look like, let’s talk about what…

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How To Tame Your Curls And Why It Matters

If you have curlies, you already know what a beautiful pain it can be aside from the knowledge gap on how to manage it. The downside to curly hair is managing frizz as well as shape and since curly hair can be pretty high maintenance, I’ve put together a list of things proven to tame…

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How To Balance Self Care While Boosting Productivity At Home

Running your own business can be one of the most rewarding ventures with unlimited earning potential, but learning how to balance self care while boosting productivity at home and finding the right state of mind can be incredibly taxing. I’m the type of person who gets easily distracted if I feel overwhelmed. If you want…

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Creating A Culture Of Healthy Living

Humans are naturally inclined to search for purpose and meaning in life. Although I reject most stereotypes (and mostly the idea itself), it is notable that the generation most “affectionately” labeled as millennials seem to be searching for authenticity and purpose with a newfound devotion.


Hello! “Delighted to meet you sir {or ma’am}. Overjoyed Enraptured. Entranced. Are we ready? Yes!” One of my favorite films, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has a memorable, quirky entrance. Gene Wilder’s depiction of the Willy Wonka character from Roald Dahl’s classic novel is nothing short of genius and with my love for creative…

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